Fun at Putulas

Punta Rucia    is also a beach run to one of the most beautiful beaches on the north shore. It is a longer run about 26 miles.

  La Isabella:Is a short beach run to Christpher Cloumbus historical Landing Site. This is a nice short run for people that have not been on a bike for a longtime or just a great run with a driver.

 Putula's Bar & BBQ

Cambiaso,this run is a small bus or bike Run. It is a beautiful untouch natural beach.

Waterfall Trip in Damajaqua Cascades 7 - 27 waterfalls Puerto Plata, a wonderful all day airconditiond Guided Tour Trip.

Bike Runs, Trips Tours

Are a Great part of the Fun at Putula's

Bike Runs

Are the best way to enjoy the beauty of the North shore!

Weather you wish to ride alone or have a Professional Driver. Our Bikes are well maintained licensed and plated. We have a lead bike, a following bike and a runner bike. Our Runs include the bike, gas and lunch. Drop by or email us for details and pricing.

Where do we Run:

     Agua Verde: Is a beautful run up the mountain through creeks coca and coffee plantations. We stop at a fresh river swim. A great day about 22 miles.

  • La Diabla3:59
  • Soberbio4:02
  • 4:12
  • 04. Llevame Contigo3:46